Yacht Sales

Buying a Yacht

In addition to our relationships with the main international yacht builders and shipyards, such is the extent of our discreet network that many transactions never see the light of day.

A yacht vendor and a purchaser being matched and a deal done without becoming public at any point. In addition to the convenience, this intimacy and ‘under the radar‘ exchange suits many clients who put a premium on their privacy.

Searching for the right asset may well involve a number of more visible activities and we have a sharpened set of traditional and disruptor tools at our disposal.

Exceptional value can be found in pre-owned yachts. These can become sought-after and may also retain that value for resale. Our own market intelligence informs us of opportunities with individual vessels. We’re more than happy to discuss new versus pre-owned comparisons based on your requirements and budget.

We also actively seek intelligence to identify desirable unique yachts potentially coming onto the pre-owned market as we act on behalf of clients looking to get more maritime real estate from their budget than commissioning a new yacht would afford. And the opportunity to get afloat more quickly without lengthy build or lead times. We hold a constantly changing virtual inventory of available and coming soon vessels.

Leading boat builders may have a waiting list for commissions; our relationships with many of these companies may enable us to get you to sea in your perfect yacht sooner.


Deciding on type of yacht

Once you have made a decision to purchase a yacht, the next step is to determine exactly what type of yacht you are interested in. From hull types, to the different styles and their uses, there is a wide selection of diverse yacht types are available, each with a varying range of sizes, styles, performance capabilities, purposes and, of course, budget.

What type of experience are you looking for in your ownership?

Are you interested in a new or used yacht, perhaps a custom build or semi-custom? A high-speed performance weekend boat, or an open ocean sailing experience? What size are you looking to purchase?

Finding the right yacht

Once you have decided on the essential elements, we can begin the search for your perfect yacht. Armed with a better understanding of what each category of yacht has to offer, the opportunities and choices will fall into place. We will provide you with a shortlist of yachts, including those on the market and even private listings, some of which may not necessarily be on the open market.

From offer to purchase

Now that we’ve found your perfect match, we will handle all offers and negotiations. Following the agreement of the sale, we will draw up the contracts. Typically, a purchase agreement is drawn up and signed by both parties after your selection is made and finalized. We will then arrange a buyer’s sea trial and condition survey. There may then be a period of further negotiation and then once a final agreement is reached the necessary documents will be exchanged, the payment made and the sale completed.

Ownership and beyond

We can advise on ownership and guide through corporate structures and handle all the administrative documentation to help your transition into yacht ownership. We have access to a wealth of expertise, including legal and construction teams, yacht managers, insurance specialists, crew and charter marketing experts. Ultimately, our task is to ensure a smooth acquisition from start to finish.

With us it’s all smooth sailing.

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