Core Services

Our Core Services

Where sea and sky meet, you’ll see the horizon line.

Our core competencies are structured around a linear process. We’ll connect the dots to complete the picture for you, whether your vision is one of charter, sales or build.

Our process of a luxury deal


We’ll let you experience the benefits of both aircraft and yacht charter through our exceptional expertise in sky and sea-bound journeys.


If you’re looking to buy, we’ll help you identify the best-fit class aircraft or yacht for your purpose.

When you commission us to sell your aircraft or yacht, we’ll personally pitch it to the most suitable potential buyers, and ensure that the open and creative niche markets are both fully aware of the opportunity.


If your desire is to create or refurbish your own unique aircraft or yacht, we will drive the process. Whether conceiving a stunning customization of a model from a product line or inventing an innovative new design where you draw the line, there’s an art to it.


Why do clients keep coming back to us?

  • We always design a tailored approach, listening to your unique needs and wants.
  • Our personal knowledge and network provide much more than simply an aggregator/listings search.
  • From a single inquiry/consultation, we‘ll provide a proven solution or a small selection of options so you don’t have to trawl among unknown or untrusted providers or products.
  • Once a solution is chosen, we‘ll deliver all the services you need through specialty niche partners.
  • We’re one of a few firms with true capabilities in both jets and yachts.
  • Our reputation for excellence.
  • We offer a global reach.
  • Access to jets and yachts for sale or charter that are not listed on the open market. Discretion and privacy.

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