Our Core Team

Rolf Smith

Founder & CEO

Rolf Smith

Acting on behalf of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and through trusted partnerships, Rolf offers personal and bespoke representation and consultancy for all essential services pertaining to luxury aircraft and yacht acquisition, charter, design, and refit.

Rolf started Avia Yacht Partners 360 in 2015 after building his reputation and becoming a trusted authority on yachts and jets. He started AYP360 to offer the best service to his affluent clients looking to extend their business from yachts to jets or helicopters. 

Jennifer Hebrock

Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Hebrock is an accomplished business figure with a notable background in acquisitions and operations. She has dedicated over a decade of experience to commercial real estate and private equity and is now breaking barriers in the luxury yachting and aviation world.

She is respected in the industry for her unparalleled understanding of market trends in which she uses to identify growth potential and development for high net worth individuals, as well as large scale organizations.

Jennifer's expertise in building mutually beneficial relationships, and networking across a broad spectrum of industries, has resulted in a cohesive network of functioning operations. It's a focus that aligns to her vision at Avia Yacht Partners.

Marc Demetriou

Private Client Advisor

Mark Denetriou - Private Client Advisor

Marc has over 30 years of experience in the financial sector including 8 years as a Chief Operating Officer. Along the way, Marc has built an incredible reputation as a trusted advisor, connector and financial expert and has always ranked in the top 1% in his field.

The last 18 years he has spent in the mortgage banking industry on a national level working as an advisor to Attorneys, Accountant, Bankers and Financial Planners along with their clients.

In 2021, Marc was selected as one of Forbes Top 100 Market Leaders in the Nation and in 2022 Fortune also selected him as one of the Top 100 Market Leaders in the nation.

Marc's commitment to excellence, hard work and passion for what he does always leaves his clients with the best possible outcome while always delivering five star service.

Marc continues to work closely with his vast network of advisors and contacts now in the Aviation and Yachting Industries to assist the high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients with purchasing, selling and/or chartering luxury aircraft or luxury yachts.

Lillian M. Tamm, CVA

Director of Finance and Operations

Lillian leads our financing team, taking clients through the financial intricacies of a luxury yacht or aircraft acquisition while working to ensure a seamless, efficient process.

Working in the aviation industry for over 30 years, she has been directly involved in the aviation business, including asset acquisition and disposal, and strategic and business planning. She works directly with corporations regarding their aircraft needs, utilization analysis and purchase decisions, and as a consultant providing due diligence services for investors, and assessments for regulatory bodies.

Lillian is a founding member of Avicor Aviation Inc. and has been its president since August 2014. Majoring in business administration and economics at Seattle Pacific University, she also attended the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Lillian is an active member of Women in Aviation, NBAA and the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.

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