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Plotting a course through any challenging environment requires planning, foresight and wisdom.

We used to believe the earth was flat until voyages and later flights of discovery by visionaries changed our world view. It takes a similar visionary approach to offer an over the horizon view of the world’s private aircraft and superyacht businesses. Navigating transactional journeys with equitable nautical and aeronautical insight and backed with a portfolio of specialist professional partners. This is the unique perspective of Avia Yacht Partners 360 (AYP360).

Acting on behalf of ultra high net-worth individuals and through expert partnerships, AYP360 offers a personal bespoke approach to providing all the representation, consultancy, commercial, financial, legal, technical and management services essential for aircraft and yacht acquisition, charter, design and refit.

Our Partners

Our partnership with yacht broker Northrop & Johnson and their worldwide enterprise network gives us valuable access to global intelligence resources and allows us to deploy via some of the best digital yacht marketing tools and channels.

AYP360 benefits from this partnership by utilizing the Northrop & Johnson resources for yacht shows, leaning on their astounding industry expertise, and accessing an extensive global network, all while maintaining the agility and low overhead of a boutique team.

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