Yacht Sales

Selling a Yacht

Our sales team at AYP360 has managed over a billion dollars worth of transactions. We are well versed in all the aspects and nuances of yacht sales.

As part of any yacht ownership strategy, we’ll advise you on the optimum lifecycle and sales window to recoup the best resale value from your asset. This may be informed by the general market, model-specific and individual vessel-related factors. Rest assured, our marketing intelligence, insider insights and network will all be engaged in the task of selling your yacht to the best possible effect.

We offer marketing tools and collateral for prospective purchasers who cannot view your vessel in person, including fly-around and 360° (as our name suggests) online tours to show everything your yacht has to offer.

We will also advise on valuation and pricing, of course, as well as any recommendations on maintenance, equipment upgrades, repaint or even strategic berthing of the yacht to capitalize on regional variation in market appeal.

How to sell your yacht

Your yacht is a high-value asset and doubtless you want to find the right buyer at the best price possible in the shortest period of time. Our knowledge, experience and ability to negotiate at the highest level, means we number among the world leaders in the sale of luxury yachts. As your representative we will ensure the optimum sale of your yacht.

Selecting an agent

We have detailed knowledge of pre-owned yacht values, are up-to-date with informed, accurate market intelligence. We have ‘inside the industry’ access to traders worldwide to whom we will pitch your vessel and the backing of a creative marketing campaign to increase the yacht’s presence on purchasers’ radar. We will be here to provide the vital link between you, the captain and potential buyers, managing all the details, including engaging and qualifying prospective buyers, viewings, price negotiations, sea trials, surveys and contracts.

Megayacht for sale
How much is your yacht worth?

You obviously would like to receive the best price for your asset. We are highly-experienced in the sale and purchase market and will undertake a thorough evaluation of your yacht before advising on setting the initial figure and pricing strategy.

With our expertise and learned insight we can accurately advise you on a realistic asking price based on market conditions. We won’t overvalue your yacht and then recommend discounting. Every yacht is unique and has its own USPs. We concentrate on distilling out the most appealing features of your yacht and basing the value on these strongest selling points.

Getting your yacht seen by buyers

We will make sure that your yacht is marketed with appealing and accurate information. To support this, we’ll compile a sales package on your yacht based on personal visits and interviews with the captain and crew. This will bring out the best of your yacht in terms of equipment and performance and identify the market niche. We will then contact potential buyers from our network of connections, as well flagging the yacht’s availability to our brokerage contacts worldwide.

Marketing your yacht

In addition to our ‘behind closed boardroom doors’ deal making, we will employ both traditional marketing activities and innovative digital campaigns to ensure your yacht is marketed effectively. From PR and advertising in yachting and lifestyle media, to working with SEO agencies to ensure top ten search result rankings, your yacht will be highly visible to anyone looking to purchase.

Plus, we’ll be on hand to assist with coordinating strategic attendance at events such as B2B trade and boat shows, open houses and affiliate brand luxury or lifestyle events. Our partners around the world will also lend a hand to promote your yacht to additional selected audiences.

The art of the deal

Once we’ve found a buyer we will support you through the negotiations and ensure that all documentation is up to date before finalizing the purchase agreement, sea trial and final paperwork. We have a proven reputation for transparent dealing and have shown our ability to negotiate at the highest levels on many occasions. Our track record is one of delivering on promise and providing the best result for your yacht sale.


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