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We are proud to represent some of the most sought-after luxury yachts for sale in the worldwide fleet. From traditional motor yachts to custom explorers and lavish sailing yachts to ultra-modern megayachts. We’re here to help you choose the ideal yacht of your aspirations. Explore our featured listings.

Classes of yacht

There are a number of popular classes of vessels available today. Narrowing down a purchase selection may be challenging.

One way to help focus your approach to a yacht purchase is to understand the main standard industry categories which take into account things like purpose, propulsion, draft, equipment and cabin space.

What type of experience and use you are looking for in your ownership? Are you interested in a new or used yacht? Custom built or semi-custom? Are you looking for a high-speed performance weekend boat, or a genuine round-the-world blue water sailing experience? What size are you looking to purchase? How are you planning to use your new toy?

Start by browsing through our yacht type guide to view the different types of yachts available and how they might best suit your personal needs.



Defined as a vessel larger than 165 feet, a megayacht is the ultimate luxury yacht in terms of size, facilities and services. Megayachts can accommodate a large number of guests in the utmost superfluity and comfort. The ultimate in luxury yachting, these vessels features anything and everything from gyms, spas, swimming pools and cinemas to discos, conference rooms and other exceptional amenities.



Large, spacious, stable and designed for pure comfort, a modern superyacht ranges in size between 100 and 165 feet and is the perfect luxury yacht for family cruising and first-time charterers. Superyachts feature many amenities, such as water sports equipment and plush interior and exterior spaces for guests to enjoy.


Performance Motor

Motor yachts range in size between 80 to 100 feet; they are nimble and capable of cruising shallow-water locales. These yachts offer beautiful lines and stunning designs. They are ideal for those who want to explore more of the coastline in a shorter amount of time and are looking for the cutting edge in luxury superyacht ‘designer’ lifestyle.


Modern Sailing

A modern sailing yacht is perfect if you would like to combine the size, comfort and facilities of a motor yacht with the flexibility to unfurl the sails and experience the unique experience of ocean sailing on occasion.


Classic Sailing

A classic sailing yacht will appeal to those of you wanting to experience the real romance and thrill of yachting. These yachts’ facilities are focused around sailing performance so whilst they may not offer the same space and amenities as a modern sailing yacht, they are the authentic option for serious sailors.



Many yacht owners are choosing to explore more exotic and remote destinations. Builders are facilitating this by building explorer yachts with features like ice breaker hulls, toughened decks and even extra freezer space for yachts that will be away from port for a longer periods. These yachts provide additional safety in all sea conditions and still feature all the expected luxurious amenities.



Catamarans are best suited for those interested in shallow-water family style cruising. Thanks to a low draft, catamarans are especially well-suited for anyone who wants to discover areas that are unnavigable by mono hulls. Catamarans are perfectly equipped for luxury and comfort and offer a great amount of space.



Sportfish yachts are perfect for avid fishermen and outdoors types. These yachts are purpose-built for fishing. Whether you’re a serious sport fisherman or your family simply enjoys casting a line during weekend cruises, sportfish yachts offer top performance and excellent seakeeping. Everything you need to land a big catch!

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