Aircraft Sales

Selling an Aircraft

Our aircraft sales team at AYP360 has managed over a billion dollars of transactions.

We are well versed in all the aspects and nuances of sales. As part of any aircraft ownership strategy we’ll advise you on the optimum lifecycle and sales window to recoup the best resale value from your asset. This may be informed by general market, model specific and individual airframe related factors. Rest assured our marketing intelligence, insider insights and network will all be engaged in the task to the best possible effect.

For prospective purchasers who cannot view your aircraft in person, we offer marketing tools and collateral including fly-around and 360 (as our name suggests) online tours to show everything your plane has to offer.

We will also advise on valuation and pricing of course as well as make recommendations on maintenance, equipment upgrades, repaint or even positioning of the aircraft to capitalise on regional variations in market appeal.

Rolf Smith

The sales process.

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