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In addition to our relationship with the main manufacturers (OEMs), the extent of our discreet network is such that many transactions never see the light of day. A vendor and a purchaser are matched and a deal is done without becoming public at any point. In addition to the convenience, this intimacy and ’under the radar‘ exchange suits many clients who put a premium on their privacy.

Searching for the right asset may well involve a number of more visible activities and we have a sharpened set of traditional and disruptor tools at our disposal.

For some classes and models exceptional value can be found in pre-owned aircraft. These can become sought-after and also retain that value for resale. Our own market intelligence informed by industry forecasts show the trends and ‘hottest’ types. We’re more than happy to discuss new versus pre-owned comparisons based on your requirements and budget.

We also actively seek intelligence to identify desirable ‘next generation’ models potentially coming onto the pre-owned market as we act on behalf of clients looking to get bigger cabin or longer range value from their budget than a new aircraft would afford. We hold a constantly changing virtual inventory of available and coming soon aircraft.

Leading OEMs may have a waiting list for new models. Our relationships with many of these manufacturers as well as a number of leading fit-out companies can, under some circumstances enable us to get you airborne in your perfect aircraft sooner.



We will support you through the purchasing process, whether you are buying new from a private jet manufacturer who will complete the entire build and fit-out to your selected specification. If your preference is for a larger private aircraft configured from an airliner model such as the Airbus Corporate Jet ACJ or Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) then we will guide you through all the dealings with the OEM, select and manage the interior designer and liaise throughout the subsequent fit-out by the separate appropriate specialist completions firm.

Selection of the class, make and model of jet for your needs and wants

The following questions will simplify the process by enabling you relate the classes to your specific travel needs:
Who will be traveling on most flights? Just a few members of your family or business team, a small group of customers, or large groups of individuals possibly clients or employees?

What will you be doing during the flight? Just relaxing with friends or family? Doing work on your laptop or smart tablet? Holding in-flight meetings or briefings? Would you need to carry specialized equipment or materials? Or just flying to get to more convenient airports closer to your destinations and more quickly?

Where will you be going? Short hops to key regional contacts throughout the year? Intercontinental trips? Transoceanic flights to conduct global business? Or do you and your family follow the sun or seasons around the globe to make the most of travel and cultural experiences?

Why do you need or want the aircraft? To access small airports throughout the world easily? To save time by arranging your own schedule and itinerary? To get to destinations as flexibly as possible?

How quickly do you need to reach these destinations? As fast as possible through the use of small airports? Throughout all weather conditions? Together we’ll consider the typical capabilities of each class as you match your requirements.

In today’s complex world of licencing, international tax differences, safety certification and legal regulations many first-time buyers are intimated at the thought of such a large investment. So once you have decided to buy, how do you go about taking ownership of an aircraft?


Here is an overview of the acquisition process.

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