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Classes of private aircraft

There are many models of private or business aircraft available today.

Narrowing down a purchase selection can be challenging. One way to help focus your approach to an aircraft purchase is to understand the main standard industry categories which take into account weight, range and cabin space.


Very light jets

The smallest category, very light jets offer agility to access small airports with shorter runways. Limited cabin height/space & comfort. These and the next class are the sports cars of the air.

4-6 passengers.
Range up to 1,000 miles.
Speed 480 mph.


Light business jets

Light jets have been a popular option since the launch of the business jet market about 50 years ago. More in-cabin comfort, reclining seats, air conditioning, some electronics.

5-6 passengers.
Range up to 1,500 miles.
Speed 400-450 mph.


Midsize business jet

Enables transcontinental flight for larger groups of passengers. A pressurized cabin makes at-altitude travel comfortable; two pilots are necessary; all models have a lavatory; in-flight work is possible.

5-10 passengers.
Range 2,000-3,000 miles.
Speed 430-480 mph.


Super midsize business jets

A wide body combines speed, productivity, luxury, and ultra-range capabilities. These are luxurious aircraft with elite amenities; they are comfortable, fast and fuel efficient and enable intra-continental travel.

8-10 passengers.
Range 3,400-3,600 miles.
Speed 490-590 mph.


Large business jets and heavy jets

Large business jets are those purposely designed for private or business travel, while heavy jets are converted commercial airliners. The large cabins of these jets can be customized for luxurious and productive flight in dedicated private, family or work spaces, conference rooms/offices and full-service galleys. Many include separate bedrooms and shower rooms.

10-18 passengers.
Range is 6,000+ miles.
Speed 480-560 mph.


Single-engine turboprops

These aircraft offer the same levels of comfort and convenience as a very light jet and are becoming licensed by more and more CAAs. Lower operating costs and fuel economy make SETs an increasingly attractive option for some missions.



In order to make the most of the convenience of private air travel you may wish to purchase or charter a helicopter to join-up your journey embarkation and end points, in particular if you are connecting with a yacht. Many larger vessels are actually equipped with a helipad facility so you can land right on board. Of course there are many different types of helicopters and as with fixed-wing, we can advise on the suitability of each for your needs.


Seaplanes & float planes

Given our positioning where sea meets sky, you won’t be surprised if we include this category. Taking off or landing without a runway has long been an aviation option beginning during the ‘golden age’ of record-breaking flights and the 1930s era when air travel with style and luxury was first offered by the Clipper flying boat passenger services. Seaplanes enable remote island-hopping without the need for an airstrip and give you the ability to truly reach nature’s untouched and unique places quickly and easily, without causing environmental harm. These aircraft can also take you quickly back to the nearest civilization if required during your cruise or vacation.

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